What is a unicorn and how do you find one?

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couple looking for a unicorn

In poly dating and threesome dating, the word unicorn’ is used to describe a bisexual person. A bisexual is defines as a state where a person is comfortable and enjoys having sex with both men and women. In a unicorn threesome, the unicorn is a girlfriend or boyfriend to both of the couples. The unicorn isn’t always allowed to do anything with one member of the couple; she should do it with both of them. Every couple always looks for unicorns that are emotionally unavailable and are not looking for any attachments but rather sex only, the truth is these bi-sexual women or men have emotions too and some may even have existing romantic relationships.

Finding a unicorn is not easy; it is really hard to find them in traditional ways such as in bars or restaurants. The easy way to find such dates is through unicorn dating sites. These sites provide unicorn hunters with the perfect services where you can get what you desire with a touch of a button. General dating sites do not provide options for bisexual couples who are searching for an ideal unicorn. Before you join a unicorn dating site it is good to know what kind of a unicorn you want.

The benefits of choosing a good site is that you are able to choose a potential partner among a large database, second a good unicorn dating site has an obligation to ensure that the profile settings make it easier to choose whomever you want and lastly a good unicorn dating site should fun because of the easier navigation systems, nice layout, and other useful features.

·Steps to finding a unicorn

Unicorn threesomes can be hard to find, these are the rules to follow when trying to find the perfect unicorn to spice up your marriage or relationship;

·Let lose the couple selfies

Potential unicorns deserve to see who they are getting hook up with, take some fancy photos of both of you and include your heights in the bio section, this really helps.

·Support gender equality by both making an account

There has always been a problem with people having a hard time deciding who should make an account and ask for a unicorn threesome in a unicorn dating site, it is advisable that you both make separate accounts and spice up the fun by swiping together.

·Make sure you read your match’s bio

When you find someone in a unicorn dating site who you really and would like to hook up it is good to look up this bio since some might have expressly stated that o couples’. And in case your match declines your offer, it is proper that you respect that decision and let her be.

·Before you add a third, make sure things are stable in your relationship

Before you go on a foray to search for a unicorn threesome, it is good to ensure that you talk to your partner about this to avoid weirdness during sex. It is also advisable that before you hook up with your unicorn you and your partner should make ground rules on how to handle the situation.