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What is a unicorn and how do you find one?

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In poly dating and threesome dating, the word unicorn’ is used to describe a bisexual person. A bisexual is defines as a state where a person is comfortable and enjoys having sex with both men and women. In a unicorn threesome, the unicorn is a girlfriend or boyfriend to both of the couples. The unicorn isn’t always allowed to do anything with one member of the couple; she should do it with both of them. Every couple always looks for unicorns that are emotionally unavailable and are not looking for any attachments but rather sex only, the truth is these bi-sexual women or men have emotions too and some may even have existing romantic relationships.[Read more...]


Want dating with a unicorn woman

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The clothes that any couples looking for a unicorn partner should wear will affect their level of attraction. Dress up elegantly and look better on your first date. Most unicorn women like to using time with a guy who dresses well, but that doesn't mean you have to spend all your fortune on a new wardrobe. Use something that is representative, clean and suitable for the date. Wear clothing that suits your best physical attributes and lessens the least engaging features. Of course, for a better unicorn dating, you should also feel relaxed and positive in your outlay because you don't need to feel anxious or feel easy wearing costumes when you're on a date.[Read more...]


How To Find A Unicorn For Couple?

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Unicorn dating is sometimes difficult especially for those couples who have decided to do it for the first time. In overall, to find a unicorn is not something easy especially when looking for that perfect one who will make every minute count in matters of having fun, sharing the experience. According to recent findings, there are many unicorn females who will be looking forward to joining a bisexual couple, especially for a threesome. With the help of the internet, things have been made simpler and most couples may not have a reason to worry on how to start and learn something new.[Read more...]